The monastery of Agia Irini

The Byzantine monastery of Agia Irini is located some 5 km from Rethymnon town and just a little before the village of Roussospiti.

Agia Irini Monastery Map

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This 10th century monastery had been active until the revolution of 1821, then, badly damaged, it was abandoned. Its restoration started in 1970 and in 1989 the monastery was reoccupied by nuns.

Due to the care of the 9 nuns now living there, Agia Irini is a delightful place to visit, as the cloister as well as the refectory, stables, and wine press have been restored.

Handicrafts and especially the art of weaving and needlework flourish in Agia Irini and there is a small exhibition within the monastery where one can buy the hand made products.

Agia Irini Monastery

The hospitality of the nuns is very warm; visitors are shown around and are offered a cool drink and sweets. The fortress-like monastery has beautiful views and overlooks Rethymnon.

Bear in mind that when visiting an inhabited monastery your clothing should be appropriate; shoulders and knees should be covered. Also keep in mind that most monasteries are closed between 02:00 – 05:00 pm.

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