Apodoulou & the passage to the Messara Plain

Apodoulou, Crete - Near the village of Apodoulou of present day, and 54 km from Rethymnon at the area of Tournes, remains of a proto-palatial centre have been discovered. Sp. Marinatos carried out initial research in 1934.

Apodoulou, Crete Map

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This was followed by research by the German Archaeological Institute during World War II, and since 1985 systematic excavations have been carried out under the supervision of the Greek Ministry of Culture in co-operation with the University of Naples.

The archaeological site of Apodoulou must have been of particular importance during ancient times, because it controlled the passage to the Messara plain.

Apodoulou - Vessel On 3 Legs

Three sets of buildings have been found as well as vaulted tombs, one of which includes a 7 m long corridor and three sarcophagi.

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