the ancient city of axos

Oaxos, one of the most important cities of ancient Crete, is situated one km away from the modern village of Axos, and flourished from Late Minoan and Geometric up until Roman and consecutive times.

Oaxos Map

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Archaeological pick-axes have brought to light many parts of the ancient city including the temple of Aphrodite, the prytaneum, tombs and a variety of archaeological relics.

The wall of the acropolis, remains of which can still be seen today on the summit of the hill, must have been of particular grandeur.

Axos - North-East Wall Of Acropolis

In 1899, the Italian Archaeological School started excavations, which uncovered a variety of findings such as Minoan potsherds, stone vessels, inscriptions and many figurines of a naked female body, which is believed to portray the goddess of Fertility.

Furthermore, remains of buildings dating back to the Classical Period were found, on top of which new constructions had been built, mainly Byzantine churches.

The city flourished during both the Roman and the Byzantine Period. During the latter it accommodated the seat of the Episcopate and boasted a large number of churches.

At the place of Livada, north east of the village, remains of archaic times have been found, a fact, which indicates the dimensions of ancient Oaxos

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