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Theriso Gorge

Theriso - a gorge near the city

Theriso Gorge is the nearest gorge to the city of Chania and the only one which can be crossed by car or other transportation means, since it is crossed by a carriageway leading to the gorge from Chania via the suburb of Perivolia. The main portion of the gorge is 6 km long.

Samaria Gorge

Samaria, Crete - the longest gorge in europe

During the fight for independence against the Turks a never taken hideaway and base of the rebels, now several thousand guests conquer the probably biggest ravine of Europe in the high season every day. The distance to be mastered with its unique flora and fauna amounts to 18 km and offers the unique experience to walk from 1200 m above sea level down to the Libyan Sea in four to six hours.

Chania City

Chania Crete- capital of Chania Crete

Chania is considered to be the most poetic city of Crete; when you walk through it, it leaves you with a pleasant taste of beauty.

Built on the ruins of ancient Kydonia, it has seen and survived many invaders, but has also tasted civilizations that left their marks on building faces, castles, walls, antiquities, monasteries and churches.

Chania Tourist Information

Chania, Crete Tourist Information

How to get to Chania

You can travel to Chania either by choosing one of the many flights, which are scheduled daily to Chania, the flight from Athens is 50 minutes.

Or alternatively take the boat from Piraeus portdirectly to the port of Chania, Souda.

Crete Alternative Tourism

Alternative tourism in Crete

Thanks to the morphology of the landscape and the combination of mountain and sea, the prefecture of Chania is a veritable

Touring Around Chania

Touring around the prefecture of Chania, Crete

There are many routes in the prefecture of Chania, Crete that we could recommend to excursionists without the slightest hesitation.

Routes that combine human culture with the work of nature, full of constant change of scenery, impressions and feelings.

A Walk in Chania

Sightseeing in the city of chania

We highly recommend that visitors take a stroll in the city centre of Chania which is steeped in history; a sightseeing tour of the crossroads and the winding cobbled paths of civilizations with the starting point being the most central point in Chania: the Municipal Market or the Agora.

Chania Museums & Collections

Museums & Collections in Chania

Many of the premier collection of art and artifacts from the Minoan civilization are in Chania

Chania Byzantine & Later Monuments

Byzantine & later Monuments of the Chania Prefecture

The Byzantine Empire and Orthodoxy were two powers which left their indelible mark on the historical course of Crete. In Chania alone, more than 300 Byzantine churches are preserved.

Chania Archaeological Sites

The Archaeological Sites of Chania

For the lovers of ancient Greek and Cretan civilization, but also for the uninformed who seek to satiate their thirst for knowledge of the past, the prefecture of Chania offers a unique trip back in time.

Beyond the ancient Minoan remains and the scattered historical discoveries of ancient Kydonia

that are located beneath the modern city of Chania,

there are also more cities of classical Greek antiquity and of the Roman world that crop up in every corner of the prefecture.

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