The monastery of Kapsa

The Kapsa Monastery, offers stunning sea views. The monastery itself, which is dedicated to Agios Ioannis Prodromos, is a relatively modern one (19th century) though no one can say with certainty whether it is in fact built on the site of an older monastery or, indeed, which monastery that might be.

Kapsa Monastery

The Kapsa Monastery is also closely associated with Ioannis Vintsenzos or Gerondoyiannis, from the area of Lithines, who settled here in 1841 and gained something of a reputation in the area despite his differences with the Ottoman authorities and the Orthodox Church. This is why he is celebrated as a saint, while his reliquary rests in the monastery’s church.

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How to get there:
From Sitia take the road to Ierapetra or vice versa.

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