the archaeological site of ancient Lappa, Crete

Lappa Map

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During recent years the Supervising Central Committee of Classical and Prehistoric Antiquities has carried out excavations in the modern village of Argiroupoli, where parts of the ancient city of Lappa, considered to date back from the Geometric up until the Roman period, have been discovered in various places.

Lappa Mosaic Floor

However, most of the findings probably date back to the Hellenistic and early Roman period, a fact that proves that this area had flourished continuously during these particular periods of time.


Furthermore, in philological testimonies the city of Lappa is described as one of the most important cities of West Crete, which flourished during the Roman period.

In 68 BC Metello destroyed it. However, after 31 BC, a new, even more magnificent city was built, which boasted not only hot water springs but also its own currency.

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